Trigger/Content Warning: Mentions of Suicide



My client was barely a teenager. She had creatively written her plan in a notebook. But, not just any plan. Gifted with the skill for "all things pertaining" to detail, she had already written out her suicide note 3 years earlier. Faced with her parents divorce, she turned inward and hid behind dark clothing. She allowed her emotions run rampant as though defying life itself. Yet, when I met her I knew see she was meant for more than she could see in herself. I took it upon myself to help her find her purpose to live, pointing out the good she thought no one ever saw in her. Feeling rejected by her father, she lost value in herself and stopped believing in a future. My client appreciated my authenticity and genuine intentions; she had lost hope in people. With consistency and a true advocacy for restoration and inner healing, my client grew stronger and stronger. Today, she is a beautiful young woman and although facing challenges, has turned her life around, is stronger and better for enduring and overcoming the experience, never giving up, still believing, and is now on her way to becoming an Engineer. There is no greater payment for what we do than to see lives changed and restored when we do it with love.

Evelyn Torres, MA

Therapist with PsychSolutions since 2012 








Tell us about a non-family relationship (i.e. not your mother, father, sibling, etc.) that has impacted how you see the world and what is possible for you. What did you learn from this relationship?


      Throughout my pre-adolescent and early adolescent years, because of my unstable home life, I developed clinical depression. I was assigned a therapist named Evelyn. Therapy tends to have a negative connotation, such as only “crazy” people go to them. But Evelyn, made sure to make me feel comfortable and sane throughout the process of rehabilitation. Evelyn not only acted as a therapist but also as a mentor figure. She made me realize my academic and social potential. Evelyn helped me confront and forgive my mother’s negligence in hopes of maintaining a healthy daughter-mother relationship. Evelyn also helped me manifest my mixture of negative emotions in a positive way. Because of her guidance and mentorship, I was able to cope with my emotions by creating art pieces, whereas in the past I’d self-harm. Evelyn has positively changed my perspective on life and my future.


      Now, as I am looking back, I don’t know where I would be without Evelyn. I am extremely grateful for her. With all the skills Evelyn has taught me, I will apply them in my undergraduate career by practicing healthy coping mechanisms for stress and anxiety. In the future, I believe mentors will guide me throughout the college experience since I am a first-generation student. They will advise me on ensuring I have a correct balance of rigorous courses and free time to enjoy myself. I appreciate Evelyn and my future mentors, for showing me how to believe in myself and that my dreams are possible



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