Case Management Services are provided by healthcare professionals who work with clients to identify issues that prevent them from getting better or seeking solutions that will allow them to reach certain healthcare goals. Targeted Case Management (TCM) are case management services offered to a specific demographic of individuals who are consumers of behavioral or mental healthcare systems. At PsychSolutions our Certified Case Managers dedicate their time to helping clients, both children, and adults who are Medicaid beneficiaries, to navigate the systems and resources at their disposal designed to help them achieve emotionally and physically healthy lives. TCM services allow Case Managers to help clients with serious mental and emotional disturbances to gain access to necessary medical, social, educational & community-based services. This may include assistance with the following:


  • Psychiatric Support
  • Welfare & Social Security Assistance
  • Medication Management & Medical Services
  • Unemployment Assistance
  • School & Learning Support / Mentoring Programs
  • Services for persons with disabilities
  • Community Enrichment Programs
  •  Legal Aid Services



Social Services providers, including PsychSolutions, realize that a one size fits all approach to Case Management is outdated and does not offer clients the help and attention they need to find suitable resources and solutions. Our method of personalized Targeted Case Management has many benefits and offers a tailored and individual approach that can be modified as necessary to integrate the needs of the client. This enables Case Managers to be creative in finding solutions that will better the client.

Overall, Targeted Case Management services ensure that all qualified individuals have someone to advocate for their needs and help them find resources within their communities that will promote healthy living.


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