About PsychSolutions, Inc.



Five young, racially and ethnically diverse, therapists and case managers sitting on a sunny outdoor bench in front of a Miami skyline.

Our Values

Excellence | Cultural Diversity | Fiscal Responsibility | Team Work | Innovation

Vision Statement

A community leading emotionally healthy lives by supporting mental wellness through access to care.

Mission Statement

We empower the growth of emotionally healthy and productive individuals in our community through uncompromising commitment to quality service delivery. We believe in the value of the services we provide, we believe our services are effective and we believe that everyone who needs our services deserves to receive them. We believe in increasing access to care and eliminating the stigma against mental wellness treatment.


PsychSolutions Inc. a mission driven company founded in 1993, is a mental health agency providing quality services to children ages 0-21, their families and adults. The company was established in order to help the children function successfully in their natural environments (homes, schools, etc.) and thereby limit their need for psychiatric hospitalizations. Services include assessments, therapeutic behavioral services, individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, substance abuse counseling, crisis intervention, psychiatric evaluation, medication management, mental health targeted case management, comprehensive behavioral health assessments and behavioral management training and discharge planning. Most services are provided in our client’s home or school, while our psychiatric evaluations and medication management services are provided in our Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA) licensed clinics.

PsychSolutions services are provided by qualified, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Licensed Mental Health Therapists, Masters level and above degreed individuals who are dedicated to their craft. Targeted Case Management services are delivered by trained and qualified degreed individuals. Our psychiatric services; evaluation and medication management, are provided by board eligible, psychiatrists specializing in child and adolescent psychiatry.

It is the policy of PsychSolutions to provide programs and services in an environment that is safe, accessible, and appropriate for the needs of staff and client served. PsychSolutions equips and maintains the organization in a manner that facilitates service delivery and demonstrates respect for all persons served. Because most services are provided off-site (i.e. homes, schools, community agencies), PsychSolutions has developed specific methods to ensure the safety of our staff and clients served.

PsychSolutions utilizes de-escalation and therapeutic communication techniques for working with clients in order to promote a therapeutic and safe environment for clients and staff. Therapists work with parents and legal guardians teaching timeout techniques and behavioral management systems to promote positive behavior and behavioral improvements.

PsychSolutions does not use any form of restrictive intervention or physical intervention when working with the clients that are receiving services through the company.

  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse - The clinical staff at PsychSolutions is dedicated to providing comprehensive community based services designed to help individuals with diagnosable conditions, including Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders and Co-occurring Mental Health and Substance Use disorders for children, adolescents and their families, and adults who might not otherwise receive these services due to lack of resources. PsychSolutions provides services to victims of domestic violence, abuse, neglect and/or trauma survivors utilizing a trauma focused evidence based intervention. The company’s Vision: “Embracing a family directed approach, PsychSolutions provides quality mental health and substance use services to families and children, using evidence-based approaches, to empower the growth of healthy and productive children in our community,” guides our work.
  • Targeted Case Management - Our service philosophy and approach strives to encompass the PsychSolutions Mission Statement and Agency Vision. We service children and adults enrolled in Medicaid who are receiving Therapeutic Behavioral On-Site Therapy Services weekly in an effort to maintain the stability of their home placement whether it is the biological home or foster home. The Targeted Case Manager interacts with the family to assist them with their daily needs such as housing, clothing, and food by identifying referral sources for these items and linking the family to these resources. The Targeted Case Manager works with the client’s school and family to ensure the client’s school placement is appropriate for his/her academic needs and links the client to after school tutoring in an attempt to positively impact academic grades in problem areas and after school programs to help increase positive social interaction with peers. When the school year begins, the Targeted Case Managers are instrumental in linking their client’s and families to resources for school uniforms and school supplies as needed and when the school year ends, they assist the children and families with locating summer recreational programs/camps for the younger children and summer jobs for the older children. In addition, the Targeted Case Manager attends dependency court hearings regarding the families’ case if appropriate and assists with the logistics of the adoption process if needed. The Targeted Case Manager works closely with the Full Case Management agency to coordinate services for the client’s medical well-being by researching and determining if a doctor and/or a, dentist takes Medicaid and scheduling appointments as needed for the client. The Targeted Case Manager also works closely with the therapist to monitor progress or lack of progress with therapeutic goals and advocates for the mental health services when they are pending assignment.

PsychSolutions hires personnel that are representative of the population served. Currently, the population served consists of primarily English and Spanish speaking clients. In addition, there is a growing number of Creole speaking clients.

Additionally, PsychSolutions has provided services to clients with other communication challenges, such as clients or their caretakers experiencing hearing deficits. To accommodate clients with hearing challenges we have coordinated the use of interpreter services to ensure that each client has the best possible ability to express his/her treatment needs.

PsychSolutions clinical staff members received training by The Barton G. Kids Hear Now Cochlear Implant Family Resource Center at the University of Miami Ear Institute when we originally partnered with them. They provided guidelines for securing appropriate translation services and extended their assistance in terms of offering valuable information regarding intervening with clients whose hearing is impaired.

PsychSolutions seeks to encourage and ensure high standards and ongoing development of quality personnel to best serve our clients. Our interviewing process combines behavioral interviewing techniques as well as writing samples and role plays that give an excellent overview of how the candidate will behave in actual working conditions. Once offered a position, Human Resources ensures that thorough background checks are conducted and we ensure academic excellence by review of scholastic transcripts and degrees.

Once hired, our staff attends rigorous new employee training to ensure understanding of expectations regarding paperwork completion and company standards. All employees meet with their supervisors and are evaluated at the end of their initial employment period of 90 days on performance and achievement of competency based objectives. Ongoing communication regarding performance is required by our management/supervisory staff to ensure staff accountability, focusing on employee success by implementing work improvement plans.

Human Resources also makes certain that required training is provided and attended by working closely with all departments. Human Resources ensures that documentation is maintained regarding Continuing Education Units, First Aid, CPR Courses, Therapeutic De-Escalation Techniques, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral therapy techniques as well as other seminars and trainings that guarantees adherence to state-mandated requirements and company-required staff development.

PsychSolutions, under the direction of the CEO and Senior Management Team, continues to promote a culture of service delivery excellence, customer satisfaction and progressive improvement through all activities set forth by the strategic priorities and the performance improvement plan. The governing body and all senior staff members are all members of the PQI Committee. PsychSolutions, defines and represents a culture that values quality improvement. One of the Key Values that dictates all daily activities as well as the goals selected for our strategic plan is Continuous Improvement. Our strategic plan contains the steps that are needed in order to achieve our goals of being the premier Behavioral Health and Substance Use provider in the South Florida area. The role of external stakeholders is fundamental to our quality improvement process. Through the input and feedback from our external stakeholders, such as referral sources, clients, parents and contractors we shape the priorities of improvemetefforts.

PsychSolutions, Inc. is proud to accept the following payment and insurance plans.

  • Aetna (Administered by Coventry)
  • Better Health
  • Clear Health Alliance
  • CMS
  • CMS19
  • Coventry
  • Coventry Kidcare
  • Florida True Health
  • Humana
  • Magellan Complete Care (Orlando)
  • Medicaid
  • Miami Children’s Health Plan
  • Molina
  • Positive Health
  • Prestige (Admin’d by United)
  • SFCCN (Jackson)
  • Simply
  • Sunshine
  • Sunshine Kidcare
  • Tricare
  • United
  • Wellcare Healthease
  • Wellcare Healthease Healthy Kids-Kidcare

Note: Please Call Intake Departments To Verify Eligibility.